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<b>What’s become of the peanut-eyed snowman?</b>

What’s become of the peanut-eyed snowman?

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Alessio Zanelli

The sights, textures, scents and sounds of the world we encounter as children become parts of us, pegs on which memories are hung for a while – before they quietly fade and are lost. In this poem, at a familiar schoolyard after a lifetime away, they surface once more...

Motel Mary Poppins

Motel Mary Poppins

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Br. Benedict Joseph of the Cross

In More Tramps Abroad, Mark Twain wrote, “Every man is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” For some, when an average weekend’s relative liberties do not suffice, Halloween is the perfect time to let the mask fall precisely by donning one. But in this poem All Hallows’ Eve is the occasion for a rather different kind of transfiguration.