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<b>Europe: ‘Too old for its own truths and victories’?</b>

Europe: ‘Too old for its own truths and victories’?

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Rémi Brague

Today's West is concerned with 'sustainability' almost to the point of obsession: of resources, of companies, of cars, of vacations. But Europe, argues one of its leading thinkers, finds itself in the middle of a centuries-old experiment that puts the sustainability of not only its own existence but that of all mankind on the line. How did we get here? And do we have the metaphysical goods to get ourselves out?

<b>Is Life Worth Living?</b>

Is Life Worth Living?

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Russell Kirk
Too often, childhood hopes give way to adult complacency; but, just as often, "men and women are haunted by such nagging questions as 'What is this all about?' or 'Is life worth living?'" In this Epilogue to his remarkable third-person autobiography, Russell Kirk looks back on a long life of literary conflict and reflects on just what it might all be about.