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Slamming My Next Poem Home

December 1, 2009

By: Milton W. Mannix

MY next poem will be so fantastic;
it’ll be condescendingly bombastic.
MY next po’em will belt out a metaphor so fast,
it’ll SLAM off this stage like a sliding simile;
careening with immeasurable velocity –
its meaning will – just go past,
before the air off my lips gets its chance
to fully whiff you pompous ass.
It’ll bring Us victoriously around life’s bases
– a home run – of metaphors extended.
Little kids’ll save my picture,
as once they coveted baseball cards.
A primo parking spot in PROVIDENCE will be mine
in perpetuity.
My competitors’ images shall crack, splintering
into senseless shards – poor bards!
MY NEXT POEM will be so voluptuously sweet,
it shall joyfully coax my wife to recline supplicant
upon my so deservingly tended feat.
Each utterance shalt render new images MORE fantastic
than THAT last one,
images unrelentingly brilliant, light of revelation,
sparking revolution and retribution from those dusty, drab, droll
works, written in such voluminous profusion,
by lesser scribblers, such as – well – such as you.
MY  NEXT  POEM will be so smooth it will prompt you
to be glad that you have forgiven me for that last dupe.
In aspect and extent
it shall be blatant-ly despotic,
unashamedly moronic,
repetitively and hypnotically soporific.

how with subconscious ten-et,
and overt Ten-acity and ten subliminals
of Ten suggestions, just how of-ten,
like some Len-ten mantra multipled
times Ten, drum bea-ten, it has-tens its
obsequious missive by Mil ten to you,
for Five Tens
from Five Specific members
of this August Audience,
and though “MY NEXT POEM” did begin
with a rhyme set in time,
my next poem ends with:
“AFTER THIS, I am Finished!”

Milton W. Mannix Bio:

I’ve traveled the USA, most of Mexico and a good part of Canada on a motorcycle. Worked sundry jobs and been a writer for over forty years. My poetry is published in Australia, Canada, Finland, England and mostly the USA. Most recently won first in Ascent Aspirations poetry contest. Currently, I am finishing a fantasy novel as well as two vampire novels. I have three fabulous daughters, (two living and one deceased) and a wife of 32 years. I immensely enjoy talking to women.


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