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Following the Ancients

October 29, 2009 

By: Pamela Pignataro

To unlock the chains held
by hands of a clock
and wander unleashed
through days patterned only
by the sun’s rise and fall,

changing constellations,
phases of the moon.
To feel the years flow
In tides, shifting seasons,
Released to dream or dance

in eternal rhythms.
to discover trails
circled behind time
and follow ancient steps
unhurriedly away,

to rediscover times
of wind-washed silence,
starlight whispering
on waters stilled by night,
where quiet thoughts lie down

among the animals
who come to drink. Hear
those ancient stories
repeated of past lives,
until they are your own.

Experience anew
moments that today
come as memories,
in dreams, to understand
the paths that led us here.


3 Responses to “Following the Ancients”
  1. Martin TURNER says:

    Bravo. Much flow here of good things, not quite gathered in syntax (infinitives, injunctions don’t quite do the job – what job?).

  2. Harry says:

    It’s always good for me to be reminded of the fact that much has gone on before.

  3. Su says:

    Great idea. Beautiful imagery!

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