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A Mass Killing for Love

October 29, 2009 

By: Josh Smith

Maybe I’m being melodramatic,
but I really would kill for you,
anything alive to fit your whim –
and not just once if you desire.

Perhaps this young one will die this time,
full of all the potential that children have.
She barely sees the sun for wont of sleep,
and now she’ll be sleeping a little longer.

Sometimes you leaf through a catalog
pointing leisurely at the next model
that you want me to end for you,
– yes, I will tear this one from stem to stern –

and the ravenous glimmer in your eyes
begins to look like a halo above your head,
and so I think my rampage must be alright
if it’s for someone who can pull that off.

Some were far too pretty while living,
that you wanted them drowned to death.
Oh, they’ll subsist for a while in the pool,
a good thing, for you like to watch them writhe.

So how many do you want this year, honey?
Enough to enjoy the beauty of their death.
No longer than a week until each end,
but then, I’m prettier than them again.

Okay, they come in dozens, right?

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